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Star Wars The Essential Atlas Pdf Free Download whytsalm


star wars the essential atlas pdf free download

After inspecting both parts of the ship (the reactor and the hyperdrive) as a means of identifying the in-game location of the hyperdrive, you will be rewarded with a clue in the form of a map, as seen below. If this is for a high-rank map, you will also be rewarded with a key. If the key is a key to a high-rank map, you will then be able to use the key to open a locker. This will reward you with two items: one of which is a key to another lockable locker. The key can only be found on the high-rank map if the player manages to solve the puzzle and get the key from the first piece of the map. In the instance that the key is for a low-rank map, you will be left to find a free locker somewhere else. The map will be in one of two different colour schemes, indicating whether the map is a high-rank or low-rank map. Below is a list of all the available maps and their colour scheme. L. map Location Color scheme Description I. I. II. II. III. III. IV. IV. V. V. VI. VI. VII. VII. VIII. VIII. IX. IX. X. X. XI. XI. XII. XII. XIII. XIII. XIV. XIV. XV. XV. XVI. XVI. XVII. XVII. XVIII. XIX. The map also gives an indication as to what sort of items are within the map; whether it is a locker or hyperdrive. If the map gives a clue in the form of a key, the key will be in a random colour and may be of any shape. If the locker is already open, a blue explosion will occur, as shown below. If the player chooses not to solve the puzzle and open the locker, no explosion will occur. Each locker will yield two different items upon opening. First is a blueprint, which is only available when you solve the puzzle. Second, will be a currency item, which will be the same no matter what type of item you get when opening a locker. This currency item is represented by a green number and can be exchanged at an item store for another currency item, as shown below. If a player is given a blueprint from a locker in their first visit to a map, they will

(pdf) Star Wars The Essential Atlas Download Ebook Free



Star Wars The Essential Atlas Pdf Free Download whytsalm

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